Codelco and Teck learn about new robotic applications for mining developed by MIRS.

Codelco and Teck learn about new robotic applications for mining developed by MIRS.

24 June 2021

In order to learn about new robotic technologies applied in mining, delegations from both companies visited the modern Robotic Development Center of this national company, a subsidiary of HighService Corp. The delegation from the state-owned copper company was headed by its Executive President, Octavio Araneda, while Teck was headed by its Maintenance Manager, Dave Adema.

Codelco and Teck made important visits to the facilities of MIRS, a subsidiary of HighService Corp. that specializes in designing, developing and implementing robotic products and systems for the mining industry. “It was an opportunity to show everything we have advanced with our applications to two large mining companies such as Codelco and Teck”, highlights Hugo Salamanca, President and CEO of HighService Corp.

At the technology center, a live, full-scale demonstration was given of the robotic mill liner change, the final application of which completely automates this activity, guaranteeing safety, productivity and speed.

A long history of working together

Hugo Salamanca emphasizes that the visit of Codelco’s senior executives had a special significance because the copper company played an important role in the creation of MIRS in 2007: “We worked together to raise business opportunities in robotic technology in the different processes of the value chain”.

In previous years, Codelco has acquired MIRS technologies for the Radomiro Tomic Division, the El Salvador Division and the Ventanas Division. Hugo Salamanca says that during the visit, a map with 25 opportunities where robotic technologies can be incorporated was presented to the executives of the state corporation. “Octavio Araneda was pleasantly surprised with our advances. He stated that robotics is a reality, and that the Corporation must adopt a determined plan to deepen the digital transformation already underway,” he says.

Strong technological momentum

Equally successful was the visit of Teck’s senior executives, who showed great interest in the robotic solutions offered by MIRS. For example, regarding the robotic lining change, due to the benefits and the high intrinsic impact of implementing this type of technological applications in the Quebrada Blanca Phase 2 Project. Or regarding the robotic truck washing system, a solution that eliminates the risk of potential accidents and complex environmental conditions, and improves washing times, thus optimizing the use of water resources. Hugo Salamanca concludes: “Important expansion projects are coming. And these visits reinforce that the commitment we made years ago to robotic technology in mining has gained strong momentum”.