MIRS Solutions

The implementation of customized Robotic Solutions in heavy industry and mining tasks is directly related to the protection of workers’ quality of life and occupational health, allowing:

· Reduce the exposure of workers to fire lines by developing Robotic Solutions to perform these tasks.

· Significantly reduce the exposure of workers to toxic and harmful environments: high temperatures, repetitive work, toxic environments, potential accidents with high-powered tools, among others, thus generating a safer work environment.

· Efficient and effective use of allocated resources

Sumado a lo anterior, nuestras soluciones cuentan con sistemas adecuados que evitan accidentes de interacción robot-humano, por lo que todas nuestras soluciones robóticas cuentan con perímetros de seguridad tanto físicos como electrónicos, que permiten una correcta y segura operación de los robots.


The effects of the current COVID-19 pandemic on society are expected to have a long-term impact. As safety professionals around the world adapt to change, it is important to ask how new habits and mindsets may affect functional safety in manufacturing environments.

As MIRS family we have implemented all the suggested preventive measures in order to provide the best possible protection to our employees, giving operational continuity in all our sales rooms and service workshops for those customers who require attention.