MIRS participates in the fourth meeting on critical risks organized by Codelco’s Ministro Hales division

MIRS participates in the fourth meeting on critical risks organized by Codelco’s Ministro Hales division

18 October 2016

The mining industry is developing actions to address critical safety situations and implement a culture of personal care. These issues are also present in the heavy industry.

From today until Wednesday, October 20, the “Fourth Critical Risks Interactive Showroom” is being held in the city of Calama under the auspices of Codelco’s Hales Division. The meeting is addressing issues of special importance related to critical risks in industrial management, and in this case, in mining.

What is sought with this type of initiative is that all the actors involved can have a common language, understanding that the commitment and effort of all is what will allow to maintain high safety standards, and what is even better, to aspire to have indicators at zero level when it comes to accidents.

From this perspective, MIRS, a leading company in the development of robotic applications, and as an important player in the mining industry, has decided not to be left behind and is actively participating in this Codelco initiative.

As a result of these meetings, 14 critical risks have been identified on which it is necessary to act in a decisive and effective manner. These include intervention in energized equipment, uncontrolled release of energy, not only electrical but also pneumatic and mechanical, contact or radiation with molten material, contact with concentrated sulfuric acid, exposure to dust with silica content above the permissible limit and exposure to inorganic arsenic, all of which can be addressed today with robotic applications designed by MIRS for such purposes.

For MIRS, a company oriented to generate the solutions that the mining and heavy industry need to solve safety problems among others, it is essential to continue developing knowledge, installing the discussion and robotic tools necessary to control the factors called “critical risk” and that today are of concern for mining both in Chile and internationally.

Finally, it should be noted that this type of meeting is an opportunity for the relevant actors in the sector to be aware of the main problems and, based on experiences such as that of MIRS, to understand the solutions that the market offers today for this type of safety and personal care challenges.