It is a robotic system designed and developed by MIRS to automatically carry out the burning and plugging of the slag discharge from the Flash furnace. This application allows to minimize human interaction, thus avoiding dangerous and unnecessary exposure to toxic gases, projection of incandescent particles and molten liquid material. This robotic system allows the opening and plugging of the process in a more precise and safe way. It is made up of high-quality and world-class robots that withstand an environment of extreme heat, only known in foundry areas, making it an immune system to external variables, with high levels of effectiveness, precision, and safety superior to a manual system. In addition, it allows the automatic exchange of the opening, sampling, and plugging tool.


  • Avoid exposing people to a very high temperature environment, with projection of incandescent particles, in strenuous work
  • Allows a more continuous drainage of slag
  • The programmed movement of the lance lengthens the useful life of the passage


Tapping & Plugging Robot