The Robotized Starter Sheet Stripping Machine designed, developed, and implemented by MIRS, automates this process incorporating reliable, safe and efficient robotic technology, with high safety standards and millimetric precision, an intrinsic benefit when implementing this solution.


  • Better performance
  • Prevents deformation of sheets
  • Improves final product quality
  • Reduces the risks of accidents and replaces people in strenuous work
  • Improves safety standards
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Case Study

Starter Sheet Stripping Machine

Santiago, Chile

The MIRS robotized starter sheet stripping machine was implemented at the ASARCO Amarillo refinery, located in Amarillo, Texas – United States. 

This innovative system allows the detachment of the starting sheets from the titanium plates, without human intervention and the risks associated with it, significantly improving the occupational health and safety of workers, who previously performed this task. 

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Starter Sheet Stripping Machine